As artists and educators we recognize that engagement with the arts at any age greatly enriches our life experience. At our live shows we weave together music, imagery and storytelling to bring people of all ages and backgrounds on a journey of exploration and imagination. In the classroom we use music, creative writing, visual arts and hands-on activities to foster self-discovery and creative expression. 

We believe that while Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were central to the expedition, the specific contributions of Sacagawea, York, and the rest of the Corps were just as crucial to its success, Each member of the team brought their particular strengths (and weaknesses) along for the ride. Their journey contains many lessons regarding teamwork and equality that are relevant to us today.  

We are a group of long-time friends and colleagues. We are professional entertainers, artists and educators. We all share a passion for bringing the story of the Corps of Discovery to a new generation of adventurers.



Greetings everyone! My name is Manda and I am the lead singer and storyteller for the Meriwethers!  My favorite things to do include drawing, painting, and camping with my friends. My wiener dog Juniper often joins the Meriwethers on our adventures. The first time I ever sang to her, she jumped straight into my guitar case, and I knew she wanted to join the band. 


Howdy! I'm Ezra, and I play guitar and harmonica in The Meriwethers.  I live in the woods by the Rogue River with Manda and Juniper.  We also have a cat named Maya, and four chickens.  I love to camp, play disc golf, and ride on my tractor.



Hi !  I'm Mysha, which is a nickname for Michael.  I like to play music everyday.  In The Meriwethers I sing,  play guitar and also drums. One of my drums is a suitcase! 
I like how music can make you feel a story and tell it at the same time. My favorite color is blue. I like to drink coffee and write poetry. 


Hey there!  My name's Nell, but sometimes my band mates call me 'Wild Turkey' -- gobble gobble! -- probably because I like to play lots of different instruments and find crazy, fun harmonies to sing in our songs.  I also run the projections for our shows, which is why you'll see me looking at my computer sometimes on stage.  I'm an actor and a writer, and I love sushi and good jokes and making music and art with my friends.  Hope to see you on our next adventure!