The Meriwethers in the Classroom

Our multimedia performances are designed to spark the imagination and inspire a lasting appreciation of the history of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery. Using a combination of storytelling, song, and video/visual elements, we engage students' senses on every level. 

While our programs are anchored by extensive research and historical detail, we love bringing a relatable emotional element to the story. We want our audiences to experience Lewis and Clark and their Corps as real people, with both strengths and weaknesses -- not just "some guys we read about in a history book". 

We are available for school visits ranging in scope from 1 hour to several months' residency. We can also tailor our presentations to emphasize a particular area of the arts or a particular aspect of the journey.

For rates, availability and more information about how we might best serve your school, please contact us. We look forward to adventuring with you!

Britt Education & Engagement

2017 saw the beginning of an exciting collaboration for the Meriwethers. Through Jacksonville, Oregon's renowned Britt Festival and their Education and Engagement Program (under the direction of Kay Hilton), we appeared at Table Rock Elementary School, Phoenix Elementary, Jacksonville Elementary and Sunny Wolf Charter School in Southern Oregon. The following year, Britt sponsored a 7-week residency for the Meriwethers at Sunny Wolf Charter School, which coincided with the fourth grade class' study of Lewis & Clark. 

 At the beginning of the 2018 residency in Ms. O'Brien's class, every student received a Meriwethers Songbook, friendship medal, compass, magnifying glass, journal and a set of colored pencils. We also provided an abridged, fourth-grade friendly version of the Corps' journals.

Each of our visits began with a short performance. Afterwards, we segued into activities designed to help students express themselves verbally and through music and visual arts, explore the dynamics of teamwork, and learn practical applications for their history lessons. Activities included:

  • Keeping a 'Captain's Log', detailing progress up the Missouri River
  • Making an annotated, illustrated timeline that stretched across the classroom
  • Journaling
  • Mapmaking
  • Exploring flora and fauna in the nearby creek and forest
  • Knot tying
  • Collaborating on a stop-motion animation video for our song "The Only Prairie Dog in Washington"
  • Painting watercolor portraits of Sacagawea as she gazed toward her homeland on July 8th, 1805

The residency culminated in a concert attended by the student body, teachers and parents. Many young members of our fourth grade corps joined us onstage for select songs, and were excited to see their original artwork used in the video component of the show. 

"Thank you for coming to Sunny Wolf Charter School!  You really touched the hearts of the children.  
 They loved your music, songs, video and the kindness you shared. Thank you for bringing a smile to the kids and for leaving a song in their hearts." 

- Kari O’Brien  
  Sunny Wolf Charter School


"You all were fun and entertaining, as well as educational!" 

 -  Mike Gantenbein 
    Britt Festival Education & Engagement

Connecting Students to the Corps

We Proceeded On, the quarterly journal of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, featured an article by Manda Bryn in their February, 2019 issue. The piece details our process and activities within the classroom. Check it out by clicking the image below!