1. Winter Song

From the recording Journey On

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November 28, 1804
CLARK: A cold morning wind from the Northwest. The river is full of floating ice. Began snowing at 7am and continued all day. A very disagreeable day. No work was done today. 

November 30, 1804
ORDWAY: A cold, frosty clear morning. Froze hard last night.

December 6, 1804
GASS: Today it was so cold and stormy, we could do nothing. In the night the river froze over. In the morning it was covered in solid ice, 1 and a half inch thick. 

December 12, 1804
CLARK: The thermometer at sunrise stood at 38° below zero. It stayed there until 6 o’clock, at which time it began to get colder.

ORDWAY: The sentinel who stood out in the open weather had to be relieved every hour all this day.